Biography & Artist Statement: K. Delaney

Untitled photo

My photographic style is a tribute to nature— sun and sky…land and sea.”  

                                                                                                           ---K. Delaney

KD’s affinity for nature is grounded in her artistic upbringing along the Great Lakes. As a native of Milwaukee, her enchantment with the calming influence of water and her attraction to coastal landscapes go hand-in-hand.

Her career as her life has been inspired by both nature and nurture.

Throughout childhood, KD was nurtured by the artistic mastery of her father. His striking watercolors and later the clean-line simplicity of his Shaker woodwork left lasting creative impressions.   Indelible images which came into focus as KD earned  a degree in Mass Communication followed by a career in advertising.

She excelled at visual story-telling as a writer/producer.  And as a producer her words took shape in "moving pictures" or television commercials.

In 2008, KD redirected her passion into a singular vision, the art of landscape photography. She moved east, trading the Midwest for the Mid-Atlantic and the Great Lakes for the Chesapeake Bay.

Today, KD follows her bliss transcribing nature through the lens of her Nikon. Landscape photography is her journey to chronicle nature’s  awe-inspiring moments. At sunrise or sunset, KD can be found doing what she enjoys best: finding her creative center in the “Golden Hour”.

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