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Are matting and framing available for purchase with prints?

Yes, both matting and framing options are available.  Once you choose a photo  and print size you'll find framing and matting options by selecting the green "view cart" button. Simply click-on the "add frames & more" drop-down tab. It's located to the left of your thumbnail print image in the shopping cart. The drop down menu will list frames and matting options.

In addition to traditional prints in lustre, gloss & metallic,  canvas and metal wall art is available for purchase.  Customized cards are also available in 4 x 6 flat and 5 x 7 folded.  

And finally, several "household" keepsakes--like custom puzzles--are available from the online catalog.

How can I avoid cropping photos when I purchase them?

The images shot have a ratio of 3:2. That means standard photo sizes which are multiples of this ratio need no cropping. These “perfect fit” sizes include 8 x 12, 10 x 15 and 16 x 24. If you select other popular sizes such as 8 x 10 or even 11 x 14, a white crop box will appear over the photo. You can move the crop box to frame the photo as you prefer, but it will be less than the full image displayed in the galleries.

Do you offer other photos for sale not posted in your current galleries?

Yes. Take a look at the Video page which features the slideshow “Potpourri Portfolio”. The video slideshow covers a wider variety of subject matter and locations. Most of these are not posted in my galleries for sale. If you see something you like, send an email describing the photo(s) you prefer to I will post them within 24-48 hours and keep them on my website for up to 7 days for your review and purchase.

Can I hire you to shoot a specific landscape or image?

Yes. KD will travel up to 2 hours from the Baltimore-Washington DC Parkway to create photographs to your specifications. That radius covers Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia and southern Pennsylvania. Send an email through my contact page describing what you’d like photographed. Based on your information I’ll provide an estimate that will include my prep, travel, shooting and processing fees. My hourly rate starts at $125 and is discounted for half-day (4 hr.) and full-day (8 hr.) shoots. Turnaround time is contingent on weather and my schedule. 50% is payable in advance with the balance due upon delivery of low rez, watermarked digital proofs.

May I make a suggestion for your website?

Certainly! I always welcome feedback. You can post a comment directly on my galleries or send an email through the contact page.

What is the “printmark” referenced when I buy your photos?

The printmark is my digital signature. It appears as a cursive “signature” in semi-transparent, off-white in the lower right hand corner of each of my photographs selected for purchase.

What Do You Mean in Your Profile about your preference for shooting "The Golden Hour"?

The Golden Hour is actually two hours:  The first hour of the day beginning at sunrise and the last hour of the day beginning one hour prior to sunset.  The brilliance of the sun, low on the horizon generates a captivating "warmth" or "golden tone" for a richness unavailable any other time of day.  The sun's golden cast creates a magnificent palette for photographers. The Golden Hour is arguably the most priceless time of day for landscape photographers to capture dynamic images.

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