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Elizabeth Ramirez, Owner

Wimsey Cove Framing & Art

Edgewater, Maryland

"KD's photo exhibition at my gallery was one of our most successful ever.  And it doesn't surprise me. She's one of the most organized, professional and talented photographers I've had the pleasure to do business with. I  always look forward to working together and seeing what her creative eye will capture next."

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Susan Walker

Washington DC

"I was looking for a gifted photographer to capture a beautiful, white mare at Maryland Therapeutic Riding Center.  Even before I contracted KD's services, she was asking knowledgeable questions and making suggestions for composing the kind of shots I wanted.

She was the ideal choice.  The images of the horse and I were magnificent.  KD processed the final photos and presented a disc with a stunning variety of poses and settings.  I'd hire her again in a heartbeat!"

CJ Eybs

Pasadena, Maryland

"I have a Canon DSLR, but was shooting everything in auto.  My wife and I asked KD for a tutorial on shooting sunrise.  Before you know it we were setup with tripod, remote shutter release, filter and dialing in the exposure triangle to nail sunrise.  Awesome experience, KD!"

Jean Gralley,  Writer-Illustrator-Animator

Hanover, PA

"KD has an eye for the beautiful, the serene, the dramatic. Her work always makes you feel something; that's the sign of a true artist. In all my dealings with her, I've found KD to be passionate in her pursuit of a great photo, and as enthusiastic as she is professional in her dealings with clients. A KDelaney photograph highlights any publication or home lucky enough to incorporate her gorgeous work. Highly recommended."

Melissa Fehrman

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"I happened to see KD's gallery exhibit "Sun and Sky, Land and Sea" and was really impressed with her work around water.  I don't know which I like more---her sunrises or sunsets.  But I'm thrilled my husband loved the two I chose as birthday gifts."

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